Major Competitions

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aDvorak-profileResults of Major Competitions

The most prominent annual decathlon competition is held in Götzis. This small Austrian town has witnessed the birth of a number of world and national records and seen athletes reach other outstanding results.

German National Championships take place in Ratingen. In the recent years the competition has become more challenging thanks to guest athletes from other countries.

The US Champion is crowned at the USA Track and Field Championships. The competition is also a trial for the Olympic Games and for the World Championships as the USA national team for title competitions is selected there.

French National Championships are held in Talence. Besides the French athletes, the list of competitors includes decathletes from other countries.

European Cup Combined Events Super League is the top competition for the national teams of decathletes of those European countries which have reached the highest league. The scores of the best three competitors of each nation are totalled to calculate the team score and the winner is the country with the highest total score. Individual rankings are also announced.

Fred KuduÂ’s Memorial Meeting is the traditional annual competition of combined events held in honour of the charismatic sports persona and legendary coach Fred Kudu.