So they said

aMacey-discus-celebI’m in not so good shape. It hurts like hell but that just means I competed OK.

Dean Macey in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

I wish that in the nearest future everybody will khow about decathlon and the meaning of the event of decathlon… decathletes are like our greek gods!!

Decathlon coach Petros Kyprianou in Decathlon2000 guestbook

The Decathlon’s nice in that you get to know the other athletes. It’s almost like everyone helps each other out. We’re all out there trying to win, but at the same time there’s a friendship there too. It’s always fun going to meets and catching up with the other guys.

Tom Pappas

Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world.

King Gustav V, refering to Jim Thorpe after his triumph in the 1912 Olympic Games